Senpai! Free-To-Play Rouglike-Soulslike Action Game Let It Die Coming To PC

Grasshopper Manufacture and GungHo Entertainment’s free-to-play rougelike-soulslike action game Let It Die is officially coming to the PC. The game was released at the tail end of last year exclusively on PS4 and made its way in Asia early this year. Since then, the game kept on being updated, featuring collaborations with Gravity Rush and Grasshopper’s other IP No More Heroes. Over four million players have given the game a go.

Let It Die is one zany game. The setting involves climbing the Tower Of Barbs, each floor is procedurally generated with its layouts changing everyday. Dying in Let It Die will cost a token to revive on the spot or in-game coins to recover. Leaving the body there will then have it resurrected as an enemy for you and other players as well.

Also, you will be guided by the many zany NPCs, including Uncle Death, a roller-skating Grim Reaper who addresses you as senpai.

Let It Die’s PC version has been in the works and sort-of confirmed for a while. The official Twitter account tweeted a clip from its livestream six months ago where talked about a potential PC release in a Q&A session.

The PC version of Let It Die is set to be released on Steam this fall.

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