Selangor Cyber Games 2016 Will Host 7 e-Sports Events, RM350,000+ Total Prize Pool

The Selangor Cyber Games has been in inception since 2014, and for the third year, the list of games being competed and prize pool has increased. Supported by the Selangor State government, as well as various sponsors, the Selangor Cyber Games will be hosting tournaments of 7 different games of various genres.

Alongside that, the Mineski Pro Gaming League (MPGL) South East Asia Championship, the finale of the second leg of the MPGL, an e-sports league for Dota 2 for South East Asia, will commence coincide with the Selangor Cyber Games. The pool for the MPGL SEA Championship is USD 50,000, around RM200,000.

The list of games, prize pools, and links to more details and registraion are as below:

Yes, Clash Royale, a mobile game, is getting the e-sports treatment. Before you laugh it off, do note that developers Supercell has been pushing for a competitive scene, and it is indeed growing. Here’s an interesting article over at Red Bull e-Sports talking about it.

There’s a trailer for the event, taking place from September 9-11 at The Square, One City, Subang Jaya.

The 7 games being competed are mostly open to anyone in Malaysia to participate. Hit the links to check on all the rules and details.

This is the perfect opportunity to those who wants to jump into the local competitive scene and meet other people that can help you get better. The Malaysian FGC scene, for instance, are welcoming new blood into the mix and get more people into Street Fighter V and fighting games in general. The folks competed in the previous IT Centre Cup would like make another appearance.

Or you could attend and watch some games being played live. With a live crowd, things can get really hyped there. So if you’re living around the area, go check it out and support our local e-sports scene.

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