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Sega Needs Your Help By Answering This Survey


Sega used to be a big name back in the 90’s. Along with their mascot Sonic the Hedgehog they have made countless of great games for their line of consoles, until they bowed out of the console space in 2002 to be only a 3rd-party developer for other consoles. Their mainline titles have been all over the place since then, not to say they aren’t any great gems, but it just seems to lack consistency.

Based on the tweet, Sega is doing an open survey about their games in general and asking for feedback. I have done the survey to take a look at what it asks, and it seems Sega is looking to figuring out what demands of their franchises are, why you love them, and the general outlook of the company. Sega also seems keen to know how gamers feel about mobile games too. While we cannot say if the outcome of the survey will ever materialise in some form or ever be put to good use, it’s always nice to see the publishers actually wanted to hear our thoughts about them and their games.

You can answer the survey here.

Speaking off topic, what Sega games do you enjoy nowadays? After taking the survey it reminded me that Sega has a line of PC-only strategy titles like Warhammer 40K Dawn of War, Company of Heroes, Total War series, and even Football Manager. While I do enjoy all of the aforementioned, all I want to see is an all new Crazy Taxi with all the cheesy dialogues (“You look OK, GET IN!”) and any current equivalent to The Offspring’s All I Want. There’s a certain charm to the zany Sega games back then.