Sega Is Possibly Teasing A Vanquish PC Release

Platinum Games have recently started doing PC ports for their older releases, starting of with the excellent Bayonetta. Considering the character action game suffered perfomance-wise on consoles (particularly the PS3 version) having the game finally on PC certainly helps fans relieve the game in the best way possible, especially when the PC port runs absolutely well.

Now, there’s another game Platinum made with publishers Sega that has yet to see a PC release, the 3rd-person shooter Vanquish. Designed by Shinji Mikami- famous for his lead role in shaping up Resident Evil 4’s mix of action horror, Vanquish is a cover shooter mixed up with over-the-top movements and abilities seen in character action games.

The rumours of a Vanquish PC port has been swirling for quite some time. There was a hint by Platinum co-founder Atushi Inaba in an interview with Kotaku. Then there’s the recent small update on Bayonetta’s PC release where it added an avatar of Vanquish protagonist Sam Gideon into the game’s Extras folder.

And now, this tweet happened.

For context, the logo is an emblem seen in Vanquish’s antagonist armour. With the number 2017 on the top right, most people are considering this a proper tease on what could possibly be a PC port of Vanquish.


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