See Some Hot Pursuit Action In Need For Speed Payback, Featuring The 2018 BMW M5

Need For Speed Payback gets a new trailer for gamescom 2017, showing off how cop chases work this time around. If you love the cop chases back in Most Wanted and the gadgets the law can use on you in Hot Pursuit 2010, then you should feel right home in this trailer. The EMP is a bit more subtle this time but its impact is more dramatic- listen to the panicking character chatter. (The official site states that it is a Killswitch)The good old Rhino SUVs that would ram you off without remorse are now armoured vans now, which is a sensible change. Fans of the series should also find sentimental value looking at a Chevrolet Corvette in police livery again.

The brown car being highlighted in the trailer? That’s the all-new 2018 BMW M5. The car won’t be out until next year in real life but will make its virtual debut early when Payback is out. It’s a similar deal seen with the BMW M2 two years ago which debuted in Need For Speed 2015 ahead of its real life launch. The M5 can be turned into four of the five car classes: Race, Drag, Drift and Runner.

It’s a quick trailer that is not really indicative of gameplay footage, unlike the one shown in E3. We should see more gameplay as Need For Speed Payback gets closer to its release date on November 10 for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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