See How Much Time You Spent Gaming On The Xbox Ecosystem With The 2023 Xbox Year In Review

It’s the near the end of the year and what better time to look back at all the data we’ve consented to than the yearly wrap-ups and year in reviews. Xbox is offering players a personalised look at all the games, playtime, and achievements you’ve unlocked while playing on the Xbox ecosystem, which includes on the Xbox consoles, the Microsoft Store games on PC, from Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, as well as from Xbox cloud gaming.

You can check out yours here by logging to the Microsoft account associated with your Xbox gamertag.

The 2023 Xbox Year In Review is rather simple, showing overall stats and the top 3 games you’ve played.

The Xbox Year In Review will remain live until January 31, 2024. So check a look if you’re curious before it goes away.

Source: Xbox Wire

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