Security Guards, More Rides Coming To Planet Coaster

The folks that attend the many parks of Planet Coaster are all a pretty jovial, cheerful and innocent bunch. Maybe too innocent, considering their reactions when being thrown off an uncompleted coaster of doom. But this will all change in a new update, as you will now also receive deviant visitors that will attempt to pickpocket others or do vandalism.

Thankfully, to combat this, you can now hire security officers to safeguard the experience of your visitors. The man with the ‘stache will keep everything in check, and doing it with style.

Crimes and security guards are just one of the many additions teased to be coming in update 1.2. New rides, including a go-kart track (that you can design your own track layout) will be included as well. This will come as a free update for all Planet Coaster players sometime in April.

The tools given to construct your own theme park in Planet Coaster is really powerful- if you’re a fan of creating custom stuff and have a soft spot for Roller Coaster Tycoon or similar games, this is the game for you.

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