Second Wave of Overwatch Banhammer Swings, Certain Cheaters Actually Complained

It’s fine to cheat in games, but not so in a multiplayer game like Overwatch. Cheating here means you are ruining someone else’s experience who would prefer personal skill to be a factor for winning, not buying expensive hacks. Developers Blizzard are staunch with its stance against cheating, already banning thousands of accounts beforehand. The latest banhammer strikes recently, and a redditor over at r/overwatch shared some reaction posts of the cheaters being banned from a forum.

Take a look at how salty the posts are, and how absurd some of them are here.

For a TL;DR version of it, some complained they paid good money for the game to cheat, regretted using some hacks on an account that had 300 levels and spent hundreds of dollars on loot boxes (banned accounts are lost forever). Some even tried to rally support to attack Blizzard for doing scummy stuff. Ironic since most of the gaming community despise cheating in multiplayer games and consider them scummy.

Remember ladies and gentlemen, cheaters never prosper.

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