Season Greetings! Overwatch Winter Wonderland Live Until January 2

Tis’ the season of another Overwatch seasonal event. Overwatch has been making seasonal events as a way to drop new seasonal content, and it has been a good run so far. The Summer Games had an interesting brawl (Luciobaaaaaalllllll!!!) and interesting cosmetics, though there was some backlash due to seasonal cosmetics can only be unlocked and Halloween Terror introduced a PvE mode for a brawl, gave the ability to buy Seasonal cosmetics with in-game currency and even a map, Hollywood, decked with Halloween decorations.

With winter comes the Winter Wonderland event. As expected, there’s new winter-themed cosmetics, a new brawl where you throw snowballs as Mei at Ecopoint: Antartica and two maps being given the seasonal decorations: King’s Row and Hanamura.

Check out the trailer below:

The seasonal event should hit PC, PS4 and Xbox One by today and will last until January 2. So there’s plenty of time gather those winter loot boxes. The new map Oasis is not yet live however, it is only available on the PTR, so expect those to arrive early next year. But the changes to Symmetra have arrive! Check out the patch notes here for more detail.

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