Season 2 Of Street Fighter V Drops Today, Massive Balance Patch And Many Small Improvements Incoming

Many games are doing seasons now like Overwatch (competitive mode), Rainbow Six: Siege (tied to its pro circuit as well as content rollout) and now Street Fighter V. Now those Season Pass really means what it supposed to be huh? Anyway, with Street Fighter V, the new season means a lot as the game never has any balance patch throughout the season. This has to do with Capcom wanting to not disrupt the Capcom Pro Tour with sudden balance changes.

As such, we are getting a massive change that are is so huge, they made it all available in a 92 page PDF file. Their focus here is the balance patch as the other noteworthy features to be added are better rage-quitting mechanics (separate pools for rage-quitters to get matched against other rage-quitters, as well as a shaming badge), support for DirectInput controllers on PC and background music select. Most of it are  focused on the competitive side rather than adding meat to the bone. There is Chrismas-themed DLC for that, and Akuma will mark his debut in SFV with his glorious new lion mane.

The update should hit the PS4 and PC right now. To the world warriors out there, get ready to head for the lab and train again.

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