Sci-Fi Tactical Strategy Game Cantata Leaves Early Access, Out Now

Cantata, the sci-fi turn-based strategy game by Modern Wolf and developer Afterschool Studio, is now available in full after over a year in Early Access.

Cantata has you move units around maps to scout and engage enemies, but also capture regions and build an army using the resources you gather. What if an RTS is played turns, with supply chain nodes?

Cantata features three different factions to play, all with different playstyles. But the big draw here is the rich worldbuilding and amazingly fresh aesthetic. The use of bright colours and imaginative, fantastical style of drawing for its art portraits sure stands out in this genre.

The full release features 27 hours worth of single-player content, and there’s also local and online multiplayer as well. Players can also create their own maps with the Map Editor.

The Early Access version, at launch, was quite a rough experience. But with all the feedback from players, the game should be in its best form for the full launch.

Cantata is out now on PC (Steam).

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