Samsung Debuts Its First Curved Gaming Monitor, Now On Sale In Malaysia

Samsung is a giant in the mobile industry nowadays, but they are now going to seriously dip into the gaming hardware market as well. The South Korean electronics company has unveiled the new curved gaming monitor, the CFG70, now available in Malaysia.

The CFG70 comes in two sizes, 24-inch and 27-inch. It may not be the biggest of panels, but it is ticking the right checkboxes that gamers would approve of. Up to 144Hz of refresh, AMD Freesync, and a moving picture response time (MPRT) of under 2ms that should eliminate unintended motion blurs.

Samsung also pushes on visual quality with the monitors, using its Quantum Dot technology that on paper should provide more vibrant colours. The CFG70 is also among the curviest of  the curved displays out there, 1800R with a 178 degree view angle.

On top of that, the monitor is fairly adjustable- the armature that holds the screen in place is robust enough you can adjust the screen’s height, tilt and even rotation by pushing in the right directions. Plus, the extra bit in between the two parts of the stand in the back can be used for headphones storage.

The CFG70 also sports different profiles for different genre of games, including FPS, RTS, RPG and AOS (read: MOBA). It is presented in a nifty looking UI. Profiles can be customised and stored according to personal preference most importantly.

A the same event, we got to some hands-on (or rather, eyes-on) time with the monitor in various setups. Unfortunately, the games being shown were running on suboptimal hardware. The three-screen setup looks nice but Need For Speed: Rivals just chugs on it with a really low framerate. (Granted, it would’ve been better if another Need For Speed game, like Need For Speed 2015 or Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012 was used- since Rivals has a hard 30fps lock) FIFA 17 looks okay for the most part.

The one that really sells the monitor was a demo station running Battlefield 1. Despite running on low settings, the game looks spectacular- no vertical tears, crisp visuals and a pretty decent framerate. Some members of the media were guessing the game was running on medium settings, so it was a decent surprise to see its actually on low and the CFG70 is doing its job in producing better-looking visuals.

The CFG70 monitor is available for pre-order through online seller Lazada, available from 19th January to the 26th. Pricing starts at RM1,699 for the 24-inch and RM2,099 for the 27-inch. It will be available in various IT stores across Malaysia by 27th January, after the online deal ends.

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