Sample The Upcoming Rhythm Game Unbeatable With A Free Episodic Side-Story, Out Now

This is something we missed early on, but there’s an upcoming indie rhythm game called Unbeatable. The debut game by D-Cell Games, described as “a game where music is illegal you do crimes” has just recently wrapped up its Kickstarter campaign.

Following up to that, the developers have now released Unbeatable White Label, a free, episodic side-story showcasing the protagonist Beat as she goes on a journey of self-discovery.

The first episode, Side A Track 1, features 12 songs (with multiple difficulties) for you to sink your teeth into, with three different narrative beats to explore. It’s a little bit janky here and there, but bug fixes will be coming. This stand-alone side-story game will continue to be updated with new episodes featuring new stories and beatmaps (levels, basically).

Unbeatable White Label is a nice sampler as it is for the core gameplay. The anime-style presentation is ridiculously stylish, and the gameplay already feeling solid.

You can download Unbeatable White Label on Steam here.

Unbeatable will still be in development for a long while, the Kickstarter campaign stated the target release is in 2023.

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