Russia And Arabia Are Back Again In Civilization VI

These two classic civilizations are returning again to the strategy 4X game Civilization VI, this time with new leaders. Arabia is now led by Saladin, with a capital in Cairo to reflect his history as the Sultan of Egypt, where his seat of power was, and Peter The Great for Russia. Both of these civs have massive bonuses in the religious game, which is an interesting new take for both civs.

Arabia has The Last Prophet ability, which will grant Arabia a free Great Prophet once the second-last Great Prophet that can found a religion appears, guaranteeing a religion. What makes this powerful is that it provides option: sure, you can rush religion if you really set to get that victory from the start, but if you didn’t and neglect on spending time building one, then you still have one in the back pocket. Saladin’s unique ability makes all religious building cheap to produce but grants bonus faith, science and culture. As for the unique unit, Arabia has the Mamluks now (RIP Camel Archers), a knight that can heal every turn. Arabia has the Madrasa as its unique building, replacing universities, brings more science output and can gain faith adjacency bonus.

Arabia not only has a strong religion game, but can snowball with science too from madrasas and religious buildings. Kind of historical accurate too, as the Muslim civilization at the time excels in both religious and scientific pursuits.

Russia, on the other hand, seems to be weak on paper, but the combination of abilities could allow them to slingshot their way to victory despite a slow start. Peter The Great’s ability is called the Grand Embassy, where trade routes to more advanced civs will grant bonus culture and science. Russia in general can receive extra tiles when founding cities, and extra faith and production on Tundra tiles, tile that usually worth nothing much for other civs. Russia also can build the Lavra, a unique district that can expand the city by one tile if a Great Person is spent on it. The Cossacks are the unique units, replacing cavalry and can move after attacking.

Russia benefits from being behind while slowly expand and gobble up precious tiles, especially in tundra areas where most civs would tend to avoid. Getting religion up online is also valid move for Russia, as the Lavra not only provides faith, but also cheaper to build than the Holy Site it replaces.

With Russia announced, this could be the last civilization being announced for the launch of Civilization VI, now having 19- all predicted correctly by some parts of the community. What we could see coming next is the announcement of a new leader from an existing civ, so keep waiting for that.

Civilization VI is set to release on October 22 on PC.

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