Rumours Of Two New Xbox Ones, A Slim And A More Powerful Version Coming Soon

These are all unofficial information, so take it with a grain of salt. Despite Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer stating clearly that there will be no Xbox 1.5 coming, that doesn’t mean that a revision to the Microsoft console is not in the works.

As reported by Kotaku, there will be slimmer version of the Xbox One, now with a 2TB hard drive that will be coming by this year. We should learn more about the slim Xbox One at the coming E3.

The big news, however, is the new Xbox One with an improved GPU with the ability to support the Oculus Rift. Yes, it is rumoured that the new Xbox One will use Oculus’s VR headset as a VR solution, probably to compete with Sony’s own offering. Schedules of VR demos for the Xbox One for E3 has also been circulating.

The new Xbox One, currently codenamed “Scorpio”, should arrive by 2017. This should go toe-to-toe with the Neo a.k.a the PS4K/PS4.5 that’s rumoured to appear by the end of last year.

This will be a weird console generation as it will be the first time that we see a console refresh that offers more computing power, rather than just revising the hardware to incorporate cheaper hardware with roughly the same, if not better, quality.

Would you buy another, slightly better console in the future or will you just ignore those slight improvements? Would you really down with consoles going the yearly incremental upgrades like smartphones currently? Sound off in the comments below.

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