Rule The Greco-Persian World In New Turn-Based 4X Strategy Game Imperiums: Greek Wars

Want a historic 4X game? You might want to check out Imperiums: Greek Wars. This is a new game from developer Kube Games, and a spiritual successor to Aggressors: Ancient Rome.

Imperiums: Greek Wars takes place during the rule of Philip II of Macedon as he attempts to unite the Hellenic world under the Macedon empire in 359BC. You can play as the Macedons, or as any of the other factions (almost 30 in total) including Athens, Sparta, barbarians or even the Persians off in the east.

You can use scheming diplomacy as well as military might to conquer your foes and build the mightiest empire the Greco-Persian world has ever seen. The map spans all of the islands in modern-day Greece as well as parts of modern-day Turkey surrounding the Aegean Sea. Though custom maps, as well as mod support via Steam Workshop, are also available.

While the game is based in history, there is an option to incorporate myth and legends of the Greek World in your campaign, and use them to your advantage.

Imperiums: Greek Wars will be out on PC (Steam) on July 30.

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