Rule-Changing Puzzler Baba Is You Is Getting A Cross-Platform Level Editor

Level Designer Is You

Baba Is You, a very simple but clever puzzler, will let you make your own puzzles by next year. Developer Hempuli has announced that a level editor is in the works and should be ready in 2020.

For those not familiar with the game, Baba Is You. Rock Is Push. Flag Is Win. Three blocks like the previous sentences govern the logic of the level and the goal here is to win, by manipulating these logical rules. Even if it means making Baba, not you.

Here’s a trailer showing how it works. If it clicks, this game is amazing. If you still have no understanding of what’s going on this game is not for you (and that’s fine).

The level editor will let you share levels you created online, and it should work on both PC and Switch. It’s still a long wait, but good on the developer for adding this feature. Imagine the wild puzzles that you can now make and challenge your way of perceiving the world.

Baba Is You is out now on PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch.



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