Rome And Sumeria Makes An Appearance In Civilization VI

One old favourite. The other a debut appearance in Civilization. Civilization VI will have Rome back, now led by Trajan and Sumeria (or Sumer), led by the legendary (or probably, mythical) Gilgamesh. These early civilizations have something unique to the table of the current civs already reveal.

Rome will continue to be ever-blobbing expansionist they are known for in the series. Rome’s national ability allows all Roman cities to start with a trading post, and if the city is in range to Rome’s capital,  a road will automatically be built, with trade routes going through any Roman city earns extra gold. Trajan’s ability allows for all cities to start with a free building. Yes, one completely free, based on the least production needed- most likely the monument. The legion returns as the unique unit with the same utility- they double as workers. Though Civ VI have scrapped workers for a charged-based builder and millatary engineer units, the legion will serve as the latter where they have limited charges to build roads or forts. Finally, Rome has Roman baths instead of aqueduct as their unique building the provides more amenities and housing.

All this abilities ensure Rome can be build tall or wide (in regards to how many cities the civ should own).

The new civilization Sumeria is no slouch either. The civ’s national ability transforms a captured Barbarian outpost into a tribal village reward, increasing the chance to get those goody huts. The War Cart, Sumeria’s unique unit, has no penalties against spearmen or other cavalry units with one extra movement point if it starts on the open terrain. The Ziggurat is Sumeria’s improvement that can’t be built on hills, but provides science and culture when built next to rivers.

Gilgamesh’s unique ability is interesting due to it being tied to diplomacy. Gilgamesh can declare war with his allies to another civ and gain no warmonger penalties. Sumeria and its allies will also share pillage rewards and combat experience if fighting against a common enemy and provided they are all within 5 tiles in range. Plus, levying city-states army cost 50% less.

What all this means that being buddies with Sumeria has a long-term benefit, and Sumeria favours early wars and having allies to back them up. Also, to fit that Sumeria is one of the earliest civilisation (and but did not last the stand of time), all of its abilities come in play as soon as Ancient Times, turn 1. Sumeria players need to use their early advantage to snowball or face a difficult game.

Civilization VI is set to release on PC on October 23.

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