Roguelike Deckbuilding Golf Game Golfie Releasing In Early Access May 26

How many subgenres can you cram into one game? Developer Triheart Studio simply said “yes” with Golfie, which is a mini-golf game but with roguelike elements. And also deckbuilding.

Published by Yogcast Games, Golfie has you play through 18 holes of mini-golf. The catch is that all the holes are procedurally generated.

And instead of having access to a variety of different clubs (like a normal golf, not mini-golf) and swing shots, you get access to different shot types and effects as cards. That’s where the deckbuilding comes in.

As you can expect, the cards will give you zany abilities that can be stacked and combined. It’s even possible to hit a hole in none.

Like a normal golf and mini-golf game, your goal is to get the ball into the hole with the least strokes possible. Going over par will make you lose energy, so is falling into traps. The run’s dead when you lose all energy.

Should you finish a full 18-hole run, you’ll unlock endless mode.

Golfie will launch first as an Early Access game. The launch will include the single-player campaign, Daily Runs and individual seeds- a pre-determined selection of holes so everyone can compete on the global leaderboards.

There will also be cosmetic items for your golf ball, unlocked through normal gameplay.

A multiplayer mode, expected to be added sometime this summer (Q3), more card powers and perks, and more hazards to avoid are among some of the features and content to be added during the Early Access period.

Golfie will tee off into Early Access on PC via Steam on May 26.

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