Rockstar Clarifies More Of Story Mode Content Locked Behind Red Dead Redemption II Special And Ultimate Editions

They are side activities

Rockstar just recently announced that Red Dead Redemption II is now available for pre-orders. But one of the bonuses in the Special and Ultimate Editions of the game offer extra Story Mode content.

The extra Story Mode content is described as a Bank Robbery and a Gang Hideout mission. Not all fans received well on the notion that you have to pay more extra (in the case for Malaysia, at least an additional RM80 for the Special Edition) to get all the Story Mode content.

Rockstar has clarified in a tweet that these two missions are essentially side activities and will not be part of the main story. However, even with this context we still do not know how substantial the content is on its own, something we will only learn more when more gameplay is shown to the public.

In addition, there has been complaints about the Collector’s Box edition of Red Dead Redemption II that offers tons of collectible goodies but not the game itself. Rockstar answered that it was done so “to ensure players can pair the Collector’s Box with the game edition of their choice (physical or digital)”. Having the most expensive option for the game to not include the game is certainly not a good idea based on the recent reactions.

Red Dead Redemption II will be out on October 26th for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Via Eurogamer

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