Rocket League’s New Dropshot Mode Arrives March 22

Rocket League at heart is about cars playing football but it has explored other crazy rulesets before, like basketball in Hoops. But Dropshot looks to be a loose take on volleyball with cars.

Instead of sending the ball to the goal, now it’s about damaging floors and scoring through the gaps once it’s broken. Two hits with the ball will wreck each floor panel. The ball also gains more damage output the more hits it takes which can up to seven or even 19 floor panels at a time. This is where the volleyball comparisons come, as the longer rallies will keep the ball being juggled in the air and will eventually have a sick drop.

So get ready to drop the beat a lot, as seen in this trailer showcasing the new Core 707 arena where Dropshot will take place in.

Alongside the free mode, there will be additional features like a new car, new items and more added in March 22, including the start of Competitive Season 4. All the new additions can be found here.

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