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ROCCAT® LUA – Tri-Button Gaming Mouse


If you’re looking for a compact “budget” gaming mouse – that looks just as stylish performing any task – or tend to find precise gaming mouses clumsy or over-sized, the Roccat Lua is a top choice. And at the asking price, it’s hard to think of anyone who would be disappointed with the purchase. With a price point of RM 99, the ROCCAT Lua is in the Budget Gamer category of mice.

A gamer is only as good as his/her mouse, but not everyone is able (or willing) to break the bank to get one specifically designed for gaming. With that in mind, Roccat has released the Lua Tri-Button Gaming Mouse, with a goal of packing precision movement into a simple shell, styled for the modern gamer.

Lazada Malaysia is launching a sales campaign for ROCCAT Lua dating from 24th to 26th February 2016. (Limited to 100 units only with 2 years warranty)

Fine looking – Lua’s in da house!

Get To Know Well with Lua

The Lua plays it cool, sticking to the basic three-button design (though it actually has four) and coming in at a much lower price than even other simple gaming mice, like the Razer Taipan or the Steel Series Kinzu. Combine this affordability with a clean design and solid performance, and the Roccat Lua is a perfect class for those “budget” gamers out there. This shall fulfill your favor!

The performance of the ROCCAT Lua was excellent, especially considering the cost. The higher sensitivity settings allowed for effective movement in FPS games, and the lower sensitivity settings were great for fine work in applications.

With a terrific response and feedback in each of the buttons, and the overall quickness of using such a compact mouse will likely live up to the expectations of faster-paced gamers – or simply those with smaller-than-average hands, without having to sacrifice build quality or precision in the process.

The Specs

  • Ambidextrous V-shape for left- and right-handers
  • No-sweat side grips for extended slip-free play
  • Ultra-precise 2D wheel with lock-in incremental steps
  • 2000 dpi optical Sensor
  • 60 ips maximum speed
  • 20 Gs of acceleration
  • 1.8 m USB cable
  • Product dimensions:
    • Width: 6.4 cm
    • Length: 11.5 cm
    • Product weight: 70 g


A simple ambidextrous design and uses high quality Omron switches

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The low-profile design is light and comfortable, and the mouse itself is plug and play with either Windows or Mac systems. For a bit of customization, however, you will want to download Roccat’s driver package, which includes a dashboard for adjusting settings, like cursor and scroll speed.

While the design of the Lua is basic, but it’s definitely not plain. A glowing blue logo on the palmrest has what Roccat calls a “breathing effect,” pulsing slowly to let you know that the mouse is plugged in and powered on. The combination of textured black plastic side grips and soft-touch finish on the palm rest make for a comfortable feel in the hand.

Low-friction PTFE feet on the bottom let the mouse glide smoothly on nearly any surface, while Roccat’s R2 Pro Optic sensor delivers up to 2,000 DPI tracking. A button just behind the scroll wheel lets you switch from one sensitivity setting to another, and the customization software will manage this further, letting you cycle between you most frequently used settings.

Roccat Swarm lets you configure Lua to your perfection.

What We Liked

  • It’s highly affordable – You can’t always find a decent, perfectly built gaming mice with awesome tri-button feature that can be owned by every PC gamers with strict budget out there. As a budget gaming mice, Lua’s dominating both the price and the top quality with its desirable saying that goes, “Sleek yet mighty”.
  • Manageable Software – From a software stand point, Roccat really hit the mark with making it simple and easy to use. There was no guess work needed and as we breezed through the control panels we were up and running within minutes.The DPI “on the fly” settings are great if you are a gamer that doesn’t need all the fancy buttons, but you still want to be able to adjust your speeds. Also. the advance polling rate adjustments makes reaction time and accuracy dead-on, and we had no problems even while battling an army in Battlefield 3 and COD – MW3.
  • Optimum Design – The choice of a durable black plastic to be used on either side of the Lua gives a more tactile response while eliminating moisture retention, as the matte-finished upper is as comfortable in the palm as many higher-priced models. The matte black and gunmetal finish on the V-shape shell really give a nice contrast to the blue LED lite logo.
Enjoy the glorious view of Lua.

Summing Things Up

The ROCCAT Lua is one of the few gaming mice that are priced in the RM 100 range. Most of them range from RM 150 to RM 300 for anything decent. However, the Lua proves that you can get a quality mouse inexpensively. I enjoyed the basic three button design, along with the ambidextrous design. The software had all the necessary features and the performance was excellent. Overall, the Lua is a quality gaming mouse, especially when you consider the budget price tag. With all the features it offers, including a quality sensor and switches, the ROCCAT Lua deserves a high gratitude in the gaming community.

Oh ya, did I mentioned that Lazada also sell this as a bundle? This bundle program is available with an absolutely killer price. You can either buy it as a standalone, or bundled with Roccat Kanga Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad (+MYR 39.00) or Evolve & the mouse pad mentioned earlier (+MYR 100.00).