Rise Of The Tomb Raider Now Available On The PS4

After one year of being an Xbox One console-exclusive, Rise Of The Tomb Raider is now out for the PS4. In case you haven’t played the game either on the Xbox One or PC, this will be a treat. Rise builds upon developers Crystal Dynamics’ 2013 reboot of the series, where we see a young and brittle Lara Croft being shaped by the events that happened in an expedition gone wrong. Now we see Lara toughen up a bit and face off even more bombastic dangers. The current direction of the series is more similar to Uncharted rather than the old classic exploration, but has enough wiggle room from the linear experience to allow you to go for side quests and explore.

The PS4 version of the game, dubbed “Rise Of The Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration” is basically the Ultimate/Game Of The Year edition of the game, containing all the DLC, namely Baba Yaga and Cold Darkness Awakened, along with all the costumes, the all-new Endurance Mode that involves survival elements and perma-death, plus the new content called Blood Ties where you get to explore Croft Manor that offers Playstation VR support.

Check out the trailer below:

If you lamented that Rise was an Xbox-exclusive last year, now this is the chance to experience it, with extra goodies being added as well to justify its price. If you love Tomb Raider 2013 then this should be up your alley.

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