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Revue Starlight Re LIVE – First Impression

FGO finally has a good challenger


Bushiroad has been quite busy over the past years. From releasing and maintaining two of the most popular rhythm games in the Anime genre (LoveLive! and Band Dream) to owning the majority of the TCG scene in Japan, now they are aiming to challenge the big one. The one that has been captivating all of the world’s anime fans and is the most popular game on Twitter worldwide right now: Fate:Grand/Order (FGO).

And how do they plan to challenge such a mammoth? By releasing a entirely new series that combines School Idols and Fighting, of course. The show (which aired last year) was a smash hit and the sudden popularity has prompt the creation of their own game, which coincidentally launched internationally today (at the time of writing).

So,is it good?

Short answer: Yes.

Same But Different

Revue Starlight’s core gameplay follows exactly like it’s main rival, in which you choose your fighters to do battle in a turn-based combat. But they have the added advantage of using five fighters instead of FGO’s three fighters limit. This ensures that the player would get to plan their attacks much more strategically.

This is coupled with the fact that each character has their lane preference where they would be automatically slotted in (done in the unit creation menu), streamlines the way you sort characters dealing damage.

Another key design that’s also similar to FGO is the Burst Mode, also known as “Climax” here, where a character fills their Action Gauge, they can use their special Attack which is in tune with the music you selected (this is still a school idol game,by the way) that can deal extra damage to enemies.

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Weirdly, there’s also another element taken from another game in the form of My Theater mode, which is basically a place to view your character hanging out in chibi form, design similarly to Bushiroad’s other series, Band Dream and their hub world. Curious, but unsurprising.

Gacha Bonds and Leveling 101

Now, the important part for any Gacha game is, of course, the rate percentage of getting a rare character or items, and by the looks of it on the day one; it’s quite level and, dare I say it, “fair” towards those who want to splurge or grind for their favorite character.

Though the rate for 4* characters is within the decimal points now as of writing. So mileage may vary. And don’t worry about getting duplicates, because those will automatically be recycled into items you can use, how efficient!

Speaking of that, those items that you get when gacha rolling or completing battles are key to leveling up your favorite character via Bonds, where they can level up fastest when you present them a gift item to them, which also depends on their preference. That can also raise the skills, as shown is a form of a skill tree, which could mean more damage and more health.

It may sound convoluted on paper but believe me, it’s actually quite simple and easy to understand.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I love this game for being a much easier version of FGO with hints of Love Live and Bandori sprinkle towards the design and feel of it. I believe the devs, A-Team, has nailed the formula that made FGO popular and implement it into their own unique style, much like it’s anime. The music soundtrack on its own is incredible to listen to and the theatrical feel of it makes it even better, complementing its overall design.

Even if you aren’t a fan of the school idol genre, at least give this game a go for it could be the one that topples the Gacha King on its own turf.

Revue Starlight Re LIVE is now available for iOS and Android. This first impression was played on a Samsung Galaxy S10e.

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