Resource Management Game Oxygen Not Included Leaving Early Access In May

Oxygen Not Included, Klei’s long-in-development resource management game, will finally leave Steam Early Access this May.

The game is similar to the likes of Rimworld and Dwarf Fortress where you manage a colony with finite resources where one wrong move could lead to a cascading spiral of death and destruction. But Oxygen Not Included plays in a 2D plane. And the destruction mostly involves lack of breathing air or unmanaged poop water.

As the forum post on Klei’s website revealed, there will be two more updates before the full launch. This includes the third Quality Of Life Update that, as the name suggests, focuses on fine-tuning the current game and bug fixes.

The full release in late May will add new content, including three new biomes, as well as official mod support.

After the full launch in May, there will still be more bug fixes as the team moves on to create DLCs.

While in its beta and then Steam Early Access phase, over 1.5 million players have given Oxygen Not Included a shot. You can get the game now on Steam for RM44.

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