Redout Is A Rad Indie Futuristic Racing Game, Out Now

Remember Wipeout? No, not the game show, but the futuristic racing game on the PS1? Or maybe Nintendo’s F-Zero series? These two had one thing in common: futuristic hover cars racing at blistering speeds in twisty tracks that have elevation, twists, and maybe a huge jump or two. If you missed these kinds of crazy racing action then you might be interested in Redout, indie developers 34BigThings’ first game.

The game is billed as tributes to such games, plus Rollcage and POD that were also of the same vein. High speeds, a learning curve to handle the vehicles (apparently you need to know how to adjust the pitch and yaw while racing) and real nice aesthetic to it. It’s low-poly but in a nice looking way.

Check out the launch trailer below:

Interestingly, Redout also supports VR. Based on our limited experience with VR (we’ve recently tested the Playstation VR and the HTC Vive) playing a game with ludicrous speeds as Redout maybe something exhilirating.. or a vomit-inducing experience.

Redout is out now on Steam for a decently priced RM58.50 (Normal price at RM65). These sorts of games are rare these days. The latest one of its ilk was also an indie release- Super FAST Racing Neo on the Wii U. Thankfully there’s more indie devs willing to give this concept another shot with the latest tech available. No word on when it should hit the consoles, but there are plans for a console release sometime next year.

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