Redfall Story Trailer Shows How Its Vampires Came To Be

Redfall, the upcoming co-op FPS by immersive sim masters Arkane Austin, gets a story trailer.

The trailer shows the town of Redfall, before and after the vampire invasion. Yes, those are vampires, not zombies. At least they just straight-up called it vampires and not some other made-up names.

Apparently, the monstrosities you see aren’t ancient, they’re human-made. A scientific project went wrong and took the sleepy town- and its inhabitants who now worship these monsters- with them.

And now these vampire hunters- you and optionally three other players- are going to take back Redfall.

The story trailer also shows plenty of spooky (but not necessarily horrifically scary) vibes and plenty of in-game footage.

If Redfall still carry over the traits of Arkane, hopefully, the world and incidental lore is as gripping as they were for the curious explorers in their past games.

Unlike Arkane Austin’s past games, Redfall’s gameplay should remind you more of a typical open-world co-op shooter (complete with skill trees and colour-coded loot) than it is a “pure” immersive sim. While the game can be played solo, you are expected to play this game on a constant internet connection.

Redfall releases on May 2 on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store) and Xbox Series X|S. The game will be available on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass day-1 of launch.

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