Red Dead Redemption II Will Require A Whopping 105 GB Of Hard Drive Space

If you are getting Red Dead Redemption II digitally, brace yourselves for the download. We now know the minimum install size for the game.

RockstarIntel has scrutinised the PS4 Pro Bundle that will feature RDR II and found the install size at the back of the box. You can see it in the small white text next to the ESRB label. It will require 105 GB of hard drive space.

Source: RockstarIntel

Game Informer mentioned that the biggest game install size on the PS4 so far has been Call Of Duty Black Ops III at 101 GB. GTA V starts with 65 GB, but with all the GTA Online update, has risen to go over 70 GB.

Suffice to say, that is one massive game size. And we have not even counting on post-launch updates in the years to come. So if you’re planning to get Red Dead Redemption II, better clear out some space.

There will also be exclusive content coming to PS4 first. We have no info on what time-exclusive content will be featured here so far.

Red Dead Redemption II will be out on October 26th for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: RockstarIntel via Game Informer

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