Red Dead Online Opens For All Red Dead Redemption II Players November 30th, Early Access Begins Today

Red Dead Online, the online component to Red Dead Redemption II that should be treated as its own separate game, is on track for its late November release.

The rollout for Red Dead Online begins today for Ultimate Edition owners. You need to redeem the Ultimate Edition code to get in early. On November 28th, it will open its doors to those that played Red Dead Redemption II on it launch day, October 26th. November 29th will have players who played Red Dead Redemption II on the first three days of launch (October 26th-October 29th).

Red Dead Online will open to all on November 30th. On the main title menu, there should be a selection on the top right to boot into online.

Red Dead Online will have you roam about the five states, the same map seen in the main game. Character customisation will be available. You can form a posse of eight people engaging in activities together. Hunting, fishing, attack gang hideouts, camping and more.

More info on modes included in Red Dead Online will be released soon. The release is still considered a beta, as in, expect bugs and glitches.

While the first Red Dead Redemption has an online mode, it was not until GTA Online for GTA V that made the online mode its own game with progression, modes and constant content updates. Red Dead Online will do what GTA Online did, but now set to the wild lands of America’s past where outlaws roam free.

Source Rockstar

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