Razer Strider Chroma And Goliathus Chroma 3XL Gaming Mouse Mats Now Available In Malaysia

Razer has released two new gaming mouse mats in Malaysia, the Razer Strider Chroma and the Razer Goliathus Chroma 3XL. These two are absolutely huge mouse mats that can cover the span of your desk, but not only that, both comes with RGB lighting.

The Razer Strider Chroma is the smaller of the two, covering 900mm x370mm with a 4mm thickness. The base is anti-slip and has a grippy underside to make it stick to the desk. It’s also warp-and-water resistant so it can withstand the rare accidental water spills.

The star of the Strider Chroma is the RGB lighting. It has 19, count them, lighting zones that you can customise and personalise, offering 16.8 million colours and various colour effects. Plus, it has Razer Chroma support, which 200 games have integration for custom and dynamic colour changes based on the game’s current state.

The Razer Chroma Strider retails at RM649.

But if you have a bigger desk and can trade off with having a less fancy RGB lighting setup, then there’s the Razer Goliathus Chroma 3XL. A super-size version of Razer’s best-selling soft gaming mouse mat line, the Goliathus Chroma 3XL lives up to the name, covering 1200mm x 550mm in space at 3.5mm thickness.

The Goliathus Chroma 3XL also has a micro-textured cloth surface and a non-slip rubber base.

Plus, the Chroma in the name means this gaming mouse mat also offers Razer Chroma RGB.

The Razer Goliathus Chroma 3XL is retails at RM509.

Both mouse mats are currently offered exclusively online at Razer.com and in-store Razer store locations.

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