Razer Enki Pro Gaming Chair Now Available In Malaysia Starting At RM4,299

Razer has announced that its latest gaming chair, the Razer Enki Pro is now available including in Malaysia.

This is a new, more premium version of the Razer Enki seat. The higher price comes from its material, the Enki Pro is covered in Alcantara, a suede-like synthetic material found in luxury goods and more high-end cars, to pair with “smooth sustainable leatherette”.

The seat base is 21 inches wide and the shoulder arch extends to 110 degrees, designed to be comfortable for long sessions of seating, used while gaming or for other tasks.

Plus, there’s also a lumbar arch so your back is supported and seated in a proper posture, reclines back at up to 152 degrees for when you just want to lean back, and it includes a memory foam head cushion, that attaches magnetically.

You can order a Razer Enki Pro right now straight from Razer’s official website. Pricing starts at RM4,299.

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