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Rage 2 Likely To Be Announced Ahead Of E3

It's leaked already, let's roll with it


A very likely leak by an online posting of Walmart Canada might have ruined the surprise of some big reveals coming to E3, but one game in particular is taking the leak and rolling with it as part of its reveal campaign.

Rage’s Twitter account came to life after years of being dormant just to mock the listing, and recently Bethesda has tweeted various imageries splashed in neon pink. Various images has the number 5 and 14- a possible reveal date.

This is likely true, as Rage’s Twitter account also hinted at a reveal this Monday, May 14th.

So, Rage 2, the follow-up to id Sofware’s ambitious FPS, is likely to be announced ahead of its E3 showcase. This may just be a confirmation of it being real, with more footage to be revealed at Bethesda’s E3 presser later in June.

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