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Race At Blistering Speeds On Exotic Locations In The Indie Racer Grip, Now In Early Access


Need another racing game on PC to look forward to? Grip is an indie racing game with this futuristic setting where the cars you race in are double-sided. This means you can stick to ceilings when in high speeds and just fall to the ground without needing to do a 180 degree rotation. It’s a callback to an old classic racing game named Rollcage that had this similar concept, which developers Caged Element is intended to make Grip its spiritual successor.

In practice, Grip looks astonishing well for an Early Access game. There’s plenty of exotic locations to race on, mostly on desolate planets with cool tunnels to make use of the double-sided cars. Weapons are also used here, so expect some arcade style action where all the racers playing it rough instead of picking the right corners.

Recently, they have teamed up with composer Full Kontakt for a more wub-wub heavy soundtrack. Check the trailer below:

Grip is currently in Early Access on Steam, pricing at RM32. While we suggest maybe waiting a bit until the full release, it looks pretty good so far in what it has to offer for now. It is expected to be a full release this Spring (around March-May) so let’s wait it out and see if the full package is as exhilarating as it looks currently. Definitely keep this on your radar.