Quantum Break Is Out On PC And Xbox One, DRM Measures Found

Good news, the highly-anticipated Xbox One-exclusive (and now also a Windows 10 exclusive on PC) is now out! The fine folks at Remedy has made a pretty impressive third person shooter with time powers, and a plotline that involves watching 20 minutes of a TV show after each act of a game.

But interestingly, somehow a DRM measure (read: a piracy check) was found recently that can have protagonist Jack Joyce, played by actor Shawn Ashmore, to wear an eyepatch. There’s no signs of the game being pirated just yet- it is bound as a Universal Windows App, and no recent game of that kind,  has a pirated version available in the wild at the moment.

So what triggered this phenomenon? Apparently redditor disastorm discovered about it by not logging into the Windows Store- which uses a Microsoft account- before launching the game triggers this. This was then confirmed in the Remedy FAQ forums where they acknowledged this. Remedy has been known to deploy such gestures as DRM measures, the same thing was done for their last title Alan Wake. It’s not too punishing to pirates, but it’s a constant reminder. Remember to try and buy the games you love and support the developers.

Interesting note here: if you scroll down the Remedy FAQ page, you can see some users disgruntled with the current pricing on the Windows Store, even one stating it in Malaysian currency. It’s RM253.90 here. Check it for yourself. Gears of War Ultimate Edition was pushed out here for just RM55, while the Killer Instinct pricing isn’t in favour of our currency as much. Quantum Break continues the trend of placing new games at a higher ringgit value than expected. This seems to be a trend right now, and it could be due to value of ringgit changing. So supporting the developers right now might be a bit hard over here. I recommend waiting for sales if cash is a problem.

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