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Quake Champions Closed Beta Is Open For Sign-Ups


The legendary competitive FPS is making a comeback, and you too can try it out early in closed beta. Sign-ups are now open over here.

As many has known, the “Champions” in Quake Champions is referring to one added feature: characters with unique abilities. It’s a common design trend for multiplayer games nowadays and thankfully, the first unveiled champion, Nyx, has two simple abilities that should still emphasise mechanical skill and awareness rather than using what is the most OP character in the meta to win.

Here’s a trailer:

On another note, here’s a glimpse one of the first maps you will battling in. Looks fitting for a Quake game, with its sombre look, grimy aesthetic and plenty of room to do rocket jumps.

No ETA on when Quake Champions should be released just yet. Let’s hope this will redeem what Doom’s multiplayer turned out to be.