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Pyre, The RPG With A Sports-Like Combat, Will Have Local Versus Mode


Supergiant Games’ Pyre took our attention when it was first announced. The makers of Bastion and Transistor, they are taking their brilliant presentation and interesting take of Action RPGs by making the core combat- called the Rites- to be some sort of a sports game. Since the Rite could be seen as something that can be played standalone, Supergiant announced at the Playstaion Experience 2016 that they will have a versus mode.

This is not a sudden turn of chasing e-sports money, it’s just a nice fit for the game they are making, they clarified in the Playstaion Blog. It’s only local, one-on-one multiplayer for now, the indie studio is not big enough to handle online multiplayer, and they reassure the rich storytelling and RPG vibes they aim beforehand will remain be the core experience in the single player mode. If you don’t have a buddy around, you can play some matches against the AI as well.

Pyre is still targeting a 2017 release for the PS4.