Pyre Is A Party-Based RPG Combat Sports Game

Supergiant Games’ latest title Pyre was just announced recently and is being shown at PAX East right now, which attendees of the event can try out a demo of the game. Ever since that, more info of what the game is about have cropped up. This is one of the games that have interesting gameplay on top of its excellent presentation, and by far the most unique and different Supergiant has made so far.

The premise is that you are an exile thrown out of the Commonwealth for your misdeeds and met up with three other exiles. Upon them discovering you, and your ability to read, you have found a way to escape from the exile: by competing in a competition called Rites. You take control of the three fellows, one at a time, with the goal of collecting the celestial orb in the middle of the arena and put it in the opponents’ pyre while defending from them doing the same by using auras.

Yes, the combat is actually akin to a sports game this time (which reminds me of Final Fantasy X’s Blitzball), but RPG elements still prevalent as you gain experience and unlock new skills for each of the masked men you control. The three we see in the beginning have different abilities and stats. Outside of that, you will travel across the exiled lands and sometimes decide on what activity to do- boosting different stats for different people.

It’s unique, and to top it all off, the presentation is just nicely done. Prominent YouTuber TotalBiscuit has a 28-minute video of uncut, uncommentated footage of the Pyre up on his channel, which you can view below.

Pyre will be released for the PS4 and PC sometime in 2017.

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