Push And Pull In Third-Person Puzzle-Adventurer Whalien – Unexpected Guests, Releasing January 24

Austrian-based developers Forbidden Folds announced the release date of their upcoming new game Whalien – Unexpected Guests.

This is a third-person puzzle adventure set inside a mechanical whale.

You play as Ernest Hemingwhale, who lives inside Fin the mechanical whale. The mysterious Squiddies suddenly appeared in Fin’s body and now he asks his friend Ernest for help to clear them out.

As Ernest, you have the use of special gloves called Mr. Push and special pearls call Mrs. Pull. The trick in the puzzle solving is to push and pull objects, including the Squiddies.

Whalien has that vibrant, jaunty look you would associate with a 3D collect-a-thon platformer. But the focus here is puzzle-solving.

Interestingly, the description for Whalien on the game’s Steam page says the game would take only 3 hours long tops to beat. Forbidden Folds isn’t here to make long games, but wants to “push simple ideas to their extreme without overstaying their welcome”. The developers picked up an Epic MegaGrant and the Ubisoft Newcomer Award 2020 for Whalien previously.

Whalien – Unexpected Guests will be out on PC via Steam on January 24.

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