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Pursue Your eSports Dream with Fundeavour!


We are psyched to let you know that Fundeavour has stepped into another greater phase by partnering with Sades Malaysia! You know what this means. More awesome gears for you to earn through their new reward system! Do you need to pay for them? Absolutely not. All you gotta do is just actively be part of the Adventure features on their fun-looking website and get adequate Gold to claim your rewards. As simple as eating a cake! (unless you don’t have a cake)


First of all, what is Fundeavour you asked? It’s a community that is professionally governed by experienced and professional people who are highly committed to help gamers like you to further your dream in transforming your hobby into a career! Not just gamers who play games, but also YouTubers, livestreamers and eSports players!


Not all heroes wear capes.

These guys love gaming so much that they put you as their main goal to make your gaming journey even wonderful! You are gonna need to create an account tho. Don’t worry. It’s incredibly easy and doesn’t require such complicated empty blanks at all.

How does partnering with Sades Malaysia help Fundeavourians you asked? Three words, quality gaming experience. In pursuing your dream to be a gamer, highly decent gaming gears really do play a prime role for a better gaming-related production of yours.

Fundeavour is finally upgrading their reward system just for you to earn them like champions.

Go to their official website and find out more! Good luck gamers!