PSO2 New Genesis: Bouncer Class, New Quest Type, Mission Pass Coming In October 2021 Update

Free-to-play MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis will be getting a somewhat more substantial update for the month of October.

In the latest NGS Headline broadcast, several features have been announced to be coming with next week’s update, on October 13.

The first is the arrival of the Bouncer class. The class has high mobility and has an emphasis on triggering multiple Photon Arts (skills) for stronger attacks. Bouncer brings two new weapons types, the Jet Boots and the Soaring Blades, into NGS.

The trainer for this class is Deidre, who also is the trainer for the previously added Braver.

The same update will also add a new quest type: Battledia. Battledia will make use of the Cocoon VR-esque environments, and can only be triggered by the party leader using 5 Battle Triggers. The Battle Triggers can be found as rare drops from enemies in the open field or bought from Personal Shops.

There will be two Battledia quests. One is Battledia: Yellow drops EXP and enhancement materials (including Gold Primm Sword and the new Gold Primm Armor), perfect to power-level a new class.

The other is Battledia: Purple. This is one is a boss-rush of Gigantix enemies, the toughest enemies in NGS so far. Clear them all within the time limit and you get rewards similar to what you find from Gigantix enemies in general (Straga series weapons, Gigas augments).

The previously added Mining Rig Defense Urgent Quest will now continue beyond wave 7, with more powerful enemies.

In addition, the dev team will be trialling out pre-scheduled Urgent Quests, based on the feedback of players who can’t find time to wait and join these spontaneous events.

Future new Urgent Quests that are added will also see them occur more in the first week of launch, so more players get to try them out.

Mission Pass (battle pass) will make a return for NGS. The first season will start from October 13 to November 10. There will be a free and premium track (called Mission Pass Gold) which includes more rewards. To celebrate the first season, every player that logs in will get the Mission Pass Gold for free.

Mission Pass will also introduce Special Scratch. These gacha/loot box requires Scratch Tickets that are earned from doing your Daily Tasks or from the Mission Pass rewards.

The delayed feature of changing your Mag form will be added in this update. Rewards that changes your Mag form will be added, and Mag forms you have from base PSO2 will carry over.

Also, there will be different colour variants to existing weapons. This is entirely cosmetic but also gives some much-needed loot variety for those that are still playing the game regularly.

Lastly, the October 13 update will also add one new AC Scratch Ticket banner, Aerial Defenders. This line of Scratch Ticket includes aerial-themed battle suits, heavy-duty CAST parts, gothic lolita getups and more.

The SG Scratch Ticket lineup will be updated to Soaring Bouncer, which includes new Bouncer-class outfits and hairstyles as well as various new motions and emotes. This will be adding on top of the current SG Ticket lineup, not replacing, so the odds of getting these new items will continue to grow slimmer.

There’s still more content coming after October 13. The Oracle Renewal IV AC Scratch Ticket gets added on October 20. The Holloween event starts October 27 to November 24.

PSO2 NGS is currently in a not-so-good state, in particular with global players. There’s not enough meaningful content (i.e. not phasion-related) for veteran players to keep engaged in. And the chat and Symbol Arts display has little to no moderation that has opened up to toxicity to spread.

The good news is the dev team have dedicated some time to respond to all these concerns and more during this broadcast, which should keep fans slightly placated as we wait for the first major update (that adds a whole new region and new story) set for release in December.

PSO2 New Genesis is available right now on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store) and Xbox One for global players.

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