PS5 Game Help Will Feature Community-Generated Gameplay Footage, No PS Plus Required

The PS5 will feature a new enhanced Game Help feature to be rolled out later this year.

Game Help allows players to access developer-created hints and guides right from the console or via the PS App on mobile. The guides can also feature videos. However, this feature is locked behind a PS Plus subscription.

The new enhanced Game Help will feature gameplay footage automatically generated by players which players can opt-in to participate. This enhanced Game Help will also drop the PS Plus subscription requirement, enabling it to be used by all PS5 players.

Should a player opt-in to contribute to the Community Game Help, the console will automatically capture video footage. The recording will only capture gameplay- images and audio from webcams, microphones or party chat audio will not be recorded. Though if the game features a players online ID or has an in-game chat, that will be included in the recording. The captured footage will be automatically deleted from your storage once it is uploaded to the servers.

Game Help is a cool but underutilised feature. From it being paywalled (why pay when you can just look up guides online?) to how unintuitive the cards layout on the PS5 is. Plus, only a handful of games utilise this feature.

Having Game Help being able to generate its content from players should make the feature more helpful. Though hopefully there are humans who have to vet each of these recordings, just in case.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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