PS5 DualSense Controller And PS5 Covers In Metallic Finish Revealed

At the September 2023 State Of Play broadcast, PlayStation revealed three new colours for the DualSense controllers and PS5 covers.

It’s another shade of white (ish), blue and red, but this time it has a metallic sheen, as part of the Deep Earth Collection.

The new colours, Sterling Silver, Cobalt Blue and Volcanic Red will be available in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, though no release date or window has been given yet.

However, expect the pricing to be similar to other PS5 accessories. For Malaysia, the DualSense controllers in Deep Earth Collection colours start at RM369, while the PS5 covers go for RM259.

That means this isn’t a limited-edition thing either, like for example the recently released Spider-Man 2 controllers and covers.

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