PS4 Pro Announced, Sports Beefier Specs For 4K Gaming, Out This November

The PS4K/4.5/Neo has finally a real name: The PS4 Pro. As predicted by many when Sony decided to hold off talking about the it at E3 but later hosting a Playstation Meeting event, Sony took its time to reveal everything about the new console that’s ready for the market. Interestingly, all the rumours and speculations reported have been almost completely correct.

The PS4 Pro is boasting AMD’s new CPU architecture, Polaris, that boosted the console’s raw performance tremendously. With some crafty wizardry (read: very technical algorithms) the PS4 Pro is able to output games at 4K. High Dynamic Range (HDR) support will also come to the PS4 Pro-as well as should you have a TV with HDR support.

But this does not mean you won’ see any benefits if you’re using the PS4 Pro on regular 1080p TVs (HDTVs) as every game- even those that has been released- can be run in an even better performance and generally higher graphical fidelity (with the catch that devs updates those games to take advantage of Pro’s additional hardware).

This also affects PSVR as well. While the PS4 is able to run VR just fine, with the extra power of the Pro it can also boost graphical fidelity of VR- from increasing resolution to maximising framerate.

The PS4 Pro will have 1TB storage, priced at $399 USD (RM1799 according to Playstaion Asia on their press conference on revealing the PS4 Pro) and will launch on November 15. Despite its silly look that would remind most Malaysians as a kek lapis more than anything, enthusiast gamers that already have a setup to tak advantage of 4K should look forward to playing games that could look at par- or even prettier, than any PC port at Ultra settings.

But don’t worry if you are sticking to the good old PS4, as all PS4 games can be played on the PS4 and PS4 Pro. Think of the PS4 Pro and PS4 like the iPhone 7+ to the iPhone 7, functions similarly but one has a superior hardware that some people may or may not willing to pay more for.

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