PS4 FIFA 18 Bundle Releases On September 29 In Malaysia

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PS4 FIFA 18 Bundle Releases On September 29 In Malaysia

Know a friend who haven’t got a PS4 yet and is a football fan? That demographic is pretty large in Malaysia, which explains that a new PS4 bundle will include the upcoming yearly iteration of FIFA. This PS4 bundle will get you a regular 500GB PS4 with one DualShock 4 controller, a one-year warranty extension, a physical copy of FIFA 18 (plus a download code for FIFA Ultimate Team Rare Players Pack and 3 ICON loan players) and a PS Plus subscription card for 3 months.

Best part of the deal is it’s only RM1,499. If you minus the retail price of the game and you get a pretty cheap PS4, cheaper than any new iPhones out there. You can find the bundle in stores at authorised Sony retailers in Malaysia.

The bundle will be out at the same time as FIFA 18 is available worldwide. You can try out the demo on PS4 available now.

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