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PS4 Exclusive Dreams Is Releasing On Early Access This Spring


Media Molecule, the team behind Little Big Planet, has announced that their upcoming new game Dreams is going to release in Early Access. This is the first time a first-party Playstation game to use such model.

Dreams Creator Early Access as its called is intended for creators- level designers, artists, music composers, etc. to get a hand on the creator tools early as Media Molecule continues to prepare the game for a full release.

The creation tool is already powerful. There was a beta held for US and EU players early this year and the players have recreated some spectacular things. From amazing sculpts of 3D art to recreating familiar environments.

Yes, someone even made P.T.

“As you may know, our small team has been working on Dreams for a long time,” said Siobhan Reddy, Studio Director at Media Molecule.

“Beta was a very important step for us – it confirmed our tool set is ready for the community – but we still have more work to be done in other areas.”

The Dreams Creator Early Access will have all the same tools as what the developers have to make the pre-made content. It will also have a tutorial on how to use them. The developers are looking for feedback to help get the game ready for its eventual launch.

The early access version will be on sale sometime in spring. Though we will hold our breath for an Asian release for now. The beta didn’t have an option for Asia players to opt-in.

As the name implies, this is mainly targeted for creators who want to continue to mess around with the already powerful creation tools. Pricing is at 30USD, again, since it’s not a full release yet.

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Source: Playstation Blog