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PS VR Shooter Farpoint Releases On May 16 With Online Co-Op


Have a PS VR? Here’s another solid looking game for you to check out. Farpoint is an FPS that’s build entirely around VR. It’s one of the only games so far to use the PS VR Aim controller.

Farpoint involves you exploring a distant planet while shooting down nasty aliens, which includes giant spiders (so head’s up. There were reports of people playing the demo at show floors instantly tapped out when they saw one)

It will also have online co-op, so you and a buddy who have their own PS VR setup can go together to play four co-op levels, with more planned to be added after launch. You can see most of the other player’s action being rendered in the game, like when they aim down the sights.

Farpoint will be released on May 16 on PS4 for use with PS VR.