PS Plus Subscribers: Remember To Vote A Free Game, Available In March

Still an active PS Plus member? Then have you done your responsibility as member to vote for a game to be available for free next month? If not, then please do so!

This is the second time Sony launched the Vote 2 Play campaign, where PS Plus users can vote on what game they wanted for free. Runners-up will have special discounts for the next month. The first time it launched was for September 2015 where Grow Home, an indie-like title about climbing and growing trees by Ubisoft Relections won, beating 4X-like board game Armello and beat em’ up Zombie Vikings.

For March, three indie games are contending, namely Assault Droid Cactus, Action Henk, and Broforce. Assault Droid Cactus is a twin stick shooter with a hint of the bullet hell genre. It has local co-op too, so if you’re on board with this month’s Helldivers, then you’re in familiar territory.

Want something else? What about Action Henk? Sure, it looks like it could have passed off as a mobile game with its short bursts of gameplay. But controlling those jumps and butt slides for the optimum time is not easy. If you love momentum based platforming akin to the classic 2D Sonic games, maybe it’s worth a vote.

Or why not go with Broforce. Aside from its nationalistic theme, it plays something like Metal Slug. Fast-paced, but with smashable and exploadable environments. The fun part here is you will playing as different bros, all inspired by action movies and TV series including, and not limited to, Terminator, The Matrix, The A-Team, Blade, and even Kill Bill. Bros are not all male, but all have a bro pun in some way. You can play co-op too with a buddy.

How to vote? Head on to the PS Plus menu on your system, or head into the PS Plus section in the Playstation Store. Once there, you should find the Vote 2 Play menu. Just pick a choice of either the three mentioned games, and votes can be changed until a certain time limit if you changed your mind afterwards.

Here’s a video of how it works, courtesy of Playstation’s YouTube.

(This is slightly off-topic, but if you’re a 21 year old Malaysian, you should register as a voter. Registering is easy but it takes time to process, so it’s best to register early rather than wait for the election season to come.)

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