Prove Your Street Fighter V Skills In The Flash Vision Amateur League, Starting In 2017

Playing Street Fighter V, or looking forward to play it since now we have Akuma, but never got the chance to put your skills to the test? Why not get involved in a new Amateur League organised by Flash Vision?

Beginning in 2017, there will be monthly local tournaments of Street Fighter V, open to all Malaysians (and international folks who have lived here for a while) to participate. Top places in the monthly tournaments net you points to participate in the Flash Vision Amateur Cup later in 2017, with the winner getting signed a sponsorship under Team Flash Vision.

This is an amateur league, so only non-professional, non-sponsored players are eligible. Don’t be afraid of getting stomped by the top players that already has been sponsored. If you haven’t got in touch with the lovely Malaysian Fighting Game Community (FGC), this is your chance right here.

The local FGC has been making strides this year. We saw plenty of local tournaments being organised, as well as hosting the FV Cup, part of the Capcom Pro Tour. Our players have making a name for themselves as well, with two of Team Flash Vision’s players reaching great results at Abuget Cup and South East Asia Majors.

But the community could always use more players to participate in tournaments. It’s a great way to learn and exchange game knowledge, get new sparring partners and even make new friends. And who knows, maybe you could be among the best players in Malaysia?

No date venue for the tournaments are out just yet, but stay tuned for more information. The current rules and regulations, based on this Facebook post over at the Malaysian FGC group, are as follows:

The tournament will be one a month. The top 8 from each tournament, will be granted league point base on this point system:

1st = 10 point
2nd = 8 point
3rd = 6 point
4th = 4 point
5th = 3 point
7th = 2 point

The top 8 most accumulate point players will be qualify for Sep 16-17 FV Amateur Cup grand Final at FV Cup 2017. The champion at the grand final will be award a one year sponsorship contract with Team FlashVision and with the chances of joining international tournamnet under the FV banner for year 2018.

Tournament Criteria :

1) Open to All Malaysia Citizen
2) Open to Foreigner that station in Malaysia for more then 2 years.
3) Professional Sponsor player are not eligible. The organiser decision is final.
4) Entry Fee per tournament is RM20.

Prizes for FV Amateur Cup :

Champion :
1 year contract with Team FV + RM1000 cash + ViewSonic Monitor + Armaggeddon Gaming headset + FV Amateur Cup Trophy

1st Runner up:
RM500 cash + ViewSonic Monitor + Armaggeddon Gaming headset + FV Amateur Cup medal

2nd Runner up:
ViewSonic Monitor + Armaggeddon Gaming headset + RM300 Cash + FV Amateur Cup medal

4th place :
RM200 cash + Armaggeddon Gaming headset

5th – 8th: RM100 cash + Armaggeddon Gaming headset.

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