Project Haven Is An Upcoming XCOM-Like Strategy Tactics Game, Demo Now Available

Have an XCOM-like itch to scratch? Indie studio Code Three Fifty One is making something like that in the form of Project Haven.

Though it’s more inspired by Jagged Alliance than XCOM. Project Haven uses a gridless turn-based system where you have action points for movement and actions, the ability to free-aim (so if the shots don’t land, don’t blame the RNG) and locational damage (which is why you want to use free-aim, to target specific parts for tactical advantage.

Project Haven also allows for weapon customisation as well as RPG-style character building as your cast of mercenaries are all unique, with different attitudes towards other characters. The full campaign will be fully voiced, featuring motion capture and cinematics.

And that’s not all, there’s also a PvP and co-op component as well on top of the campaign.

A demo for Project Haven is now live on PC as part of Steam Next Fest which lets you try the tutorial, a few story missions and the 1-4 player Skirmish mode.

Project Haven is expected to release sometime in 2022.

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