Project CARS Patch Adds VR Support

Project CARS, last year’s big racing sim by Slightly Mad Studios- known mostly as developers behind Need For Speed: Shift and its sequel- was a success. A sequel is in the works. But that hasn’t stopped them from updating the game with patches.

Granted the game was slightly buggy at launch- not something you expected from a racing sim. But hey, it is getting better. Plus, they have added VR into the mix.

The latest 11.0 patch on the PC includes support for the HTC Vive. Support for the Oculus Rift has been added in a previous patch. The patch also includes a number of fixes as well.

Driving games in VR makes a ton of sense. Instead of using a multi-monitor setup to get a full cockpit view, which is very cool to look at but can be costly, why not just use a headset that can render the view? Just remember to not stand up after you’re in the cockpit seat, or you will see something like this. (Video by Giant Bomb)

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